Choosing the right sliding door

The Sociable Weaver
2 min readMay 3, 2023

A good sliding door is hard to find. It might seem like a minor detail, but the right one can greatly enhance your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, aesthetic, and even add market value. The wrong one can be clunky to use and cause precious heat to escape through the cracks. Choosing a sliding door is a sliding doors moment. It might be the difference between a cosy winter and a draughty one.

We’ve been using BINQ’s Lift & Slide doors for years now. It lifts slightly when you rotate the handle, disengaging the seal and activating the wheels so it can slide open and shut like a traditional sliding door, but with a few key differences:

1. It seals properly, which means you save on energy and reduce your heating costs during winter

2. It’s high security, with double glazed safety glass, multiple locks and a secure night vent for balmy summer evenings

3. It has a rotating handle, so you can open it to any width and lock it off

4. It’s a smooth operator; quietly gliding and a breeze to use

5. It looks great, offering an expanse of glass framed by heavy Italian hardware

It’s the perfect addition to any sustainable inspiring home.

Rotate the handle raises the door in its tracks

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