Good design considers all abilities

When designing an accessible home, here are four unexpected considerations.

The Sociable Weaver
2 min readJun 5, 2023

We think good design should be enjoyed by everyone. For people with disabilities, finding accessible housing that’s both suitable and affordable can be extremely difficult. When you add sustainability into the mix, it can be near impossible.

An accessible home at The Cape

When designing an accessible house, here are four things to consider that go beyond the standard accessibility code.

  1. Visual appeal

We have the freedom of designing from scratch, which means we don’t have to retrofit accessibility into pre-existing builds. Accessibility can be creative, modern and aesthetically pleasing, which is what we bring to our designs. Our clients don’t want their homes to resemble hospitals. It has to feel like theirs.

2. Furniture placement

Small rooms crowded with heavy, immovable furniture is not the goal here. It’s important to consider furniture that allows for ample space, and that’s easy to rearrange as needed. We recommend employing a qualified interior designer to help. We love Rachel May because she knows her stuff.

3. Open spaces

A spacious layout allows for easy movement, particularly for wheelchair users. We make sure there’s a turning space in every room, completely free from obstacles. As an added bonus, it makes for a more comfortable and flexible living environment for everyone.

4. Lighting

Bright lights are a safety measure for people with mobility issues and declining eyesight, particularly in high activity parts of the home. But it’s nice to have options. Dimmers allow people to adjust the brightness of the light to suit their needs.

From wider entryways to accessible bathrooms, there are many key accessibility design considerations. With thoughtful planning and design, an accessible home can be a comfortable and inspiring space for all.

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